Create Lasting Curb Appeal in Meridian, ID

Create Lasting Curb Appeal in Meridian, ID

Set your design ideas in stone with retaining wall blocks and other paver features

Don't forget that the stone features on your property are just as important for your curb appeal as the plants and trees. By shopping for hardscape materials at Stone Pavers, you can add depth and dimension to your yard in the Meridian, ID area. In addition to our impressive selection of stone, we sell hardscape material kits that include everything you need to turn your lackluster yard into a neighborhood showstopper.

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Keep your landscaping in line

Is there a huge slope of soil on your property that's unstable and at risk of causing damage to your home? It's time to build a retaining wall. Our retaining wall blocks are designed to boost your property's appearance and save you money on costly repairs by:

  • Evening out slopes to give you more usable land
  • Preventing soil erosion from ruining your landscaping
  • Keeping mounds of soil from shifting and damaging your foundation
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